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 "Go hug your horse. Someone probably loved a mare, and carefully chose a sire. Someone devoted their life to a stallion they believed in. Someone chose to help mares make babies for a living. Someone sat up all night for who knows how long to help your horse into the world, and someone kissed that wet nose. Someone put on the first halter, picked up the first hoof. Gave the first bath, and tightened the first girth. It took a lot of hearts to carry your horse to you. They gave many moments of their lives, many breaths, many stomped toes and broken boards. Hug your horse for them…. They did it believing in your horses future, so make it a good one."

—  Unknown

About OurPhotos

We hope you enjoy our photos as much as DO!

Ever wonder who's behind our amazing pictures? Or buy a photo that captures your eye?  

Be sure to check out Shelley Johnson of S.F. Johnson Photos on facebook 

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